Registration/Breakfast    8:00 am
Welcome Steven Brown 8:50 am
Keynote: “From PhD Candidate to Life Coach:
Rethinking Success after Graduate School”
Jennifer Polk 9:00 am
Skills Workshop 1: “The Enjoyment
of Employment”
Doug Kalish 10:00 am
Break   11:00 am
Skills Workshop 2: “Negotiating Job Offers” Karen Myers and David Seibold 11:15 am
Skills Workshop 2: “Who You Know:
The Power of Networking and Mentoring”
Ron Adler 11:15 am
Lunch   12:15 pm
HFA-SS Career Panel 1: Publishing, Policy, and Service
Karen Schultz Anderson, Rose Elfman,
Brandon Fastman, Rachel Parker
1:30 pm
STEM Career Panel 1: Navigating the Government and Nonprofit Sectors Alison Hatt, Theresa Lancy,
Tepring Piquado, Ashley White
1:30 pm
Break   2:30 pm
HFA-SS Career Panel 2: Curriculum Development and Administration  Elizabeth Goodhue, Robert Hamm,
Richard Zeiger
2:45 pm
STEM Career Panel 2: Navigating Industry and Start-Up Sectors Eoghan Dillon, Charles Frazier,
Adam Lichtl, John Parker
2:45 pm
Closing Remarks Michael Witherell  4:00 pm
Networking/Mingling reception   4:15 pm