In addition to the conference on March 2-3, Beyond Academia co-sponsors a number of relevant events during the weeks before and after the conference. All of these events are open to all UCSB graduate students and postdocs.

Writing Effective Resumes & Cover Letters for Non-Academic Jobs

Friday February 23, 12-1p, Student Resource Building Room 2154

If you are looking to pursue career opportunities outside of academia, your resume and cover letter are your tickets into that world. But many grad students may not know how to present themselves and their experience in a way that connects with non-academic employers. This workshop will explore important techniques that will help you expertly craft and strategically target your resume and cover letter so you can get over the first application hurdle and on to an interview! RSVP through Handshake by clicking “Join Event.”

Facilitator: Caroline Schanche-Perret Gentil (Graduate Career Peer, UCSB Career Services)

Caroline is a graduate student in the Gevirtz School of Education. As the Career Peer, she provides workshops, presentations, and one-on-one meetings with graduate students to review their resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn pages, and CVs to help them prepare for their career of choice.

Caroline Schance


Make Your Career Story Stand Out

Thursday March 1, 1-3p, Flying A Studios (UCen)

Effective storytelling is an incredible way to make yourself stand out. However, many people do not understand how to use storytelling to their advantage. In this workshop, you will learn how to utilize stories to network effectively and make a lasting impression. Explore how to craft powerful imagery, create a concise narrative, and capture your audience’s attention. Click here to sign up!

Facilitator: Bri McWhorter (CEO, Activate to Captivate)

Bri McWhorter, MFA, is the founder and CEO of Activate to Captivate, where she teaches communication techniques from an actor’s point of view. She specializes in public speaking, scientific communications, interpersonal skills and interview techniques. She has developed various workshops and programs that help universities expand their professional development training. Beyond working with academics, she is a presentation coach for TEDx events, educational non-profits, and various corporations.

Bri McWhorter


Creating Your Own Career Oxygen: Negotiation Workshop for PhDs and Postdocs

NOTE: This workshop has been postponed due to unforeseen circumstances. Updated event information will be publicized through the GradPost once it becomes available.

Whether you’re in a job interview or performance review, at a networking event or trying to build your internal influence, how do you tell your story so that it leads to the outcome and salary you deserve? Lisa Gates, co-founder of the firm SheNegotiates, will be holding a hands-on workshop for all grad students and postdocs on negotiating salaries after graduation. The workshop will take a deep dive into five key steps for preparing for any negotiation, plus role plays to build your skills and confidence. Click here to reserve your spot at this popular workshop!

Facilitator: Lisa Gates (Co-Founder, SheNegotiates)

Lisa Gates is a negotiation consultant and leadership coach who helps women become bolder, braver, and better paid. As co-founder of She Negotiates, she delivers her company’s signature courses, Strategic Conversations, Career Oxygen, and The Art of Workplace Coaching. Lisa is the author of five video courses available online at, and Linkedin Learning, including Asking for a Raise, Negotiation Fundamentals, Conflict Resolution Fundamentals, Coaching and Developing Employees. and Coaching for Results. She has been a frequent contributor to Forbes Woman, The Daily Muse and LinkedIn, and the work of She Negotiates has been featured on NPR, CNN, Fox, and in publications such as the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Glamor Magazine, and Real Simple, among others.

Lisa Gates


Resume Drop-In Sessions

Tuesday March 6, 1-5p, Graduate Student Resource Center (SRB Room 1215)

Creating a one-page resume can be a daunting task for students who have been using an academic CV for years. Get one-on-one, personalized help creating or updating your resume for positions outside of academia. Sign up for your individual session here.

Facilitators: Lana Smith-Hale (Career Counselor for Graduate Students, UCSB Career Services) and Caroline Schanche-Perret Gentil (Career Peer, UCSB Career Services)

Lana Smith-Hale